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About our instruments

Handpans and their varieties

Handpans with the name Atom are made of high quality steel of different grades, and match generally accepted international standards. At the moment we are making 3 types of handpans:

Nitrided steel

Steel with special gas treatment, which changes the properties of steel in the direction of hardening the crystal lattice, enhances anti-corrosion properties and gives the sound a "crystal" timbre. Covered with brass, giving them a recognizable and unique look.

Natural steel

Handpans made of high quality carbonaceous steel! Possess the highest durability, a magnificent sound, durability of a tuning and its stability. Also covered with brass and linseed oil. The coating is natural and pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergic reactions. It is the best choice for "vegetarians":)))


Handpans are made from the steel AISI430

Stainless instruments are becoming increasingly popular among musicians, the sound wave (the sustain) much longer compared to other varieties. This characteristic sound is suitable for a leisurely play, for meditation and yoga, as well as for solo performances.

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